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Now Launching…Accelerating Value, a Proof Analytics Podcast


In Accelerating Value, you’ll hear something that will help you answer your marketing questions. Every episode.

This podcast is about giving visibility to the marketing multiplier effect that marketing delivers. It’s about taking the success of others and scaling that into your situation.

In this trailer episode of Accelerating Value, your host Mark Stouse, Chairman and CEO at Proof Analytics, explains the goals of the podcast — and asks you to reach out.

What we talked about:

- Why marketing has the coolest goal of any department

- About Proof Analytics and what it solves

- What listeners should expect to hear on each episode

- Mark’s request for you to suggest podcast questions or guests

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Today, every budget approval is an investment deal. If you're a marketer, sales or business leader, you had to promise to deliver value and impact. Writing the wave to get there is hard enough. Finding your way through the storm is even harder. If you're looking for that path forward so that you don't wipe out, you've come to the right place. Let's get into the show. Welcome to the introductory episode of accelerating value. We're here today with the CEO of proof analytics and the host of the show, marks juice mark. How's it going today? It's a beautiful day here in Arizona and love to hear that it's a beautiful day here in Florida. To yeah, give everybody a little bit more context. My name is Leslie Cruz and I'm one of the producers of this show. Today we'll be talking about what you, the listener, can expect from this podcast. But before we jump into that,...

...mark, can you just tell us a little bit about yourself? Sure, I'm a big text cmo that has turned into a software CEO. My journey to kind of the nexus of business value for marketing started years ago at HP when I was working with the CEO, which the lake mark heard, who really cared about this subject a lot, and so there's been of quite a journey for me in the ensuing years and it's culminated today in me being the CEO of proof analytics, which is a software platform that's all about revealing that there's, you know, the real value of marketing, right, the fact that there's this tremendous multiplier effect that great marketing delivers to not just sales but to many parts of a business, and not only in the past but in the present and into the future. That's great. And why did you want to start this podcast? Well, I mean I think that marketings mission... actually one of the coolest things in any company. Right it's mission is to help sales sell a lot more product to a lot more customers faster and more profitably than sales could do by themselves. When you think about it, that simple statement covers the essence of the marketing multiplier effect, particularly on revenue, margin and cash flow. Unfortunately, the problem that has been that marketing and business teams speak very different languages and their definitions of value can be very different as well. This gives us kind of a lost in translation mismatch that has contributed to one of the longest running feuds in the business world and it's cost people and companies a great deal. So accelerating value is really all about...

...creating a new and hopefully brilliant dialog about value and impact and Roli that not only aligns all people and expectations, but it helps answer the biggest questions. We hear about the marketing multiplier effect. Wow, that sounds really, really interesting. So tell me about proof analytics, your company to sponsor this podcast. Proof automates analytics driven answers to your questions about impact value. In Roli, we basically have taken classic linear nonlinear regression analytics, typically done by lots and lots and lots of PhDs at a huge cost, and we've automated it and made it very accessible and understandable for normal people. This is, this is, this kind of ranges right from you can look. You can use...

...proof to look at all kinds of stuff from the big what's making the biggest difference on CX or revenue or this campaign or that campaign? We've automated everything to the point where the platform operates exactly like a GPS the satellites, and it helps you understand where you've been, where you are and the best way to read true objectives. And so, just like the GPS on your phone, proof understand your environment, your location, and can recommend new roots to value and update when you should be getting to where you're going, all based on what's happening in the real world. It's pretty cool stuff, and one of the things that I like about it the most is that it's very easy to understand too. Wow, that's really unique technologies that. It's a lot like a GPS. That's really interesting. Yeah, it's actually it works exactly. It's not just an analogy, it actually works exactly like a GPS.

Again, the space part. Wow, well, you allude to this a little bit earlier, but tell me a little more about what listeners can expect to hear when they listen to each episode. So our goal for accelerating value is to bring top marketing and business leaders from all kinds of disciplines to the table to discuss how they're solving the alignment and the proof of impact questions that everyone has and how their successes can scale into your situation. That last part is really important. This podcast is about helping you, not making you feel inadequate, not making you feel like you're not measuring up. Quite the contrary. This is about saying hey, this is how other people or solving this problem and giving visibility to the great multiplier effect that marketing delivers on the business. I think that's very important. You're starting a podcast to help other people...

...and, you know, to share experiences that might provide value to people in their journey, and I think that is so important. So tell me how listeners can connect with you in case they have ideas for episode topics or maybe guess that you should be featuring on the show. So we definitely want that last part for sure. If you know some people that really would be awesome to be on the show, really want to know who they are and get them on the show. If you have ideas about an episode or particular topic or particular question, please that. I mean. Again, this is not about what we want to talk about. This is about what you need to hear or want to hear, what can help you. So pop me an email. My email for this is mark dot stuce at proof dot world, or text me via Linkedin or twitter. My twitter handle is mark stue all... word. I respond pretty fast. I'm actually way better on Linkedin and twitter and even text than I am on email. Are we all? Yes, that's very true. That's very true. I think that may see maybe one of the things that separates people locked in the past to future looking people. Right. Yeah, absolutely right. Well, great, mark. That just about wraps it up for our introductory episode. Mark is going to be taking over four episode one and beyond. I am so excited to see the show grow. I think you have a really unique take here and I can't wait to see the value that you bring to your listeners. Hey, I'm really looking forward to this too. Thanks so much. The sooner you can optimize your marketing spend, the quicker you can start delivering clear, measurable value... Your Business. That's exactly where business GPS from. Proof analytics can help learn more at proof analytics DOT AI. You've been listening to accelerating value, where raw conversations about the journey to business impact help you weather the storm ahead. To make sure you never miss an episode, subscribe to the show in your favorite podcast player. Until next time,.

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